Welcome to Bielefeld!

As an economic und cultural centre of Eastern Westphalia and with its population of 340,000, Bielefeld is one of the twenty major cities in Germany. Bielefeld's excellent infrastructure and its central location puts it within easy reach of all parts of Europe ( Externer Linklocation map).

To get a first impression of Bielefeld, watch the YouTube Bielefeld Video!

City Portrait

For years, conspiracy theorists have been spreading the virtual rumour that Bielefeld is only a figment of the imagination in keeping with the motto, ”Bielefeld? There’s no such place!”. That’s far from being true, as you will see. Learn more about Externer Link Bielefeld...

Places of interest

In Bielefeld there are many places you have to Externer Link visit...

Weather in Bielefeld

some clouds 20 °C | 15.10.2019