Terms and Conditions

for a central advance booking service by Bielefeld Marketing GmbH
Bielefeld Marketing GmbH offers an electronic accommodation booking service for written, personal or telephone requests. Visitors can also book accommodation directly with the establishments via the online booking system. Contacts and online reservations are free.

An accommodation contract concerning hotel rooms, holiday homes or private rooms is entered into between the customer and the proprietor of the establishment. Rules and regulations of the Accommodation Agreement are legally binding for guests and proprietors.

The following are some of the conditions applicable:

  • The accommodation contract is binding once the accommodation reservation has been confirmed.

  • The proprietor of the establishment has a duty to provide the accommodation reserved. If this should fail, the guest is entitled to compensation.

  • If the guest fails to take up the accommodation and to honour the binding contract, he/she must pay the agreed rate or a price acceptable to the establishment, minus the expenditure saved, for the period of the contract.

  • The proprietor of the establishment is duty bound to take effective action to re-allocate accommodation not taken up to avoid any losses. Income is to be offset against losses.

  • Entries in the accommodation register are based on information given by the proprietors. Further details on the Accommodation Agreement are available from Hotel and Restaurateurs Associations (DEHOGA).