Guided Tours

Discover Bielefeld - under this motto, Bielefeld Marketing GmbH offers a variety of guided tours around the friendly town at the Teutoburg Forest.
Kunsthalle Bielefeld and Linenweaver Statue

With expert guidance, you will gain first impressions about what is worth seeing and exploring in Bielefeld, get valuable information on Bielefeld's history, and look at interesting landmarks as witnesses of the past.

Coach Tours for Groups

On the Bielefeld city tour visitors will take a scenic drive through the old part of the town and will explore interesting sights such as Sparrenburg Castle, Ravensberg Spinning Mill or Bielefeld University. Requests to visit particular places of interest can be accommodated during the two-hour coach tour. Coach hire can also be arranged.
Language: English, French
Charges: 105.00 € per group
Dates/times: Year-round, by arrangement

Walking Tour of the Old Town

Starting at the Altes Rathaus, the one-and-a-half hour history tour leads to the Alter Markt, with its lovingly restored patrician houses, and the Altstädter Nicolaikirche and the Neustädter Marienkirche churches with their ornate altars. The walk continues to the heart of the city, Waldhof, passing many other landmarks before ending at Kunsthalle Bielefeld, an architectural highlight in the Modernist style.
Language: English, French, Spanish
Charges: 95.00 € per group
Dates/times: Year-round for groups of up to 30 people

Culinary Stroll

bielefeld culinary
Combining practicality with pleasure – and what better way to do that than by taking a four-hour culinary stroll through Bielefeld. Accompanied by professional city guides, this culinary journey of discovery follows various routes through Bielefeld. While visitors learn about the city’s history and find out more about Bielefeld’s places of interest, three restaurateurs serve culinary delights at selected restaurants.
Language: English, French
Charges: 43.00 € per person exclusive of drinks
Dates/times: Year-round, by arrangement

Themed Tours

Do you have a particular interest? Would you like to know more about architecture, religion or sculpture in Bielefeld? We offer a range of themed tours for you to choose from. Some of our tours are also available in other languages – English, French and Spanish – at a small extra charge.


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